About Us

SyamSyam Mannava, P.E., S.E.,Principal, SAI Engineering, PLC

Syam S. Mannava is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Oklahoma and 14 other states. He founded SAI Engineering, PLC in July 2006 as a Sole Member and prior to that he was a Principal Engineer and Member, PLC of Pendergraf Engineering, PLC. He has a Master’s Degree in Civil (Structural) Engineering from University of Oklahoma (1997). His educational qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering (1981) and complete course work for a Master’s in Geotechnical Engineering (1994); both from Osmania University, India. From 1991 to 1994 he worked for the State Bank of Hyderabad, a Public Sector undertaking of Government of India, as an Engineering Manager and as a Civil Engineer at junior and middle management levels in the private sector in India from 1981 to 1991.

About Us

Structures America Innovative Engineering, PLC (SAI) is a specialty structural engineering firm specializing in complete analysis and design of structures for commercial and institutional buildings, warehouses, retail shopping centers, schools and gymnasiums, churches, and retirement and nursing homes, medical facilities, highway and county bridges and large residential buildings. Syam S. Mannava founded SAI Engineering, PLC in August 2006 and purchased the Assets of Pendergraf Engineering, PLC in January 2007. Syam S. Mannava, P.E., S.E. a licensed professional engineer, is the sole member of the firm. He also founded a sister company SVINT Engineering Pvt. Ltd. in July 2004 in Secunderabad, Telangana State, India. SVINT Engineering Pvt. Ltd. works exclusively for SAI and serves as a back office. Visit SVINT web site http://svint-engr.com/ for further details.

We have worked extensively in Oklahoma as Structures America Innovative Engineering, PLC since August 2006 and as Pendergraf Engineering, PLC until August 2006, with many other projects in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming. Our structural engineers are one of the best structural engineers in Oklahoma. We work as either sub-contractor to architects or contractors, or as the prime design professional for the project. We belong to the Structural Engineering Council of Oklahoma (SECO) and Oklahoma Structural Engineers Association (OSEA) along with several other professional organizations. We strive to constantly update our knowledge through continuing education to better serve our clients.

Our structural designs for buildings have ranged from a million dollar Bank Building, to a 5 million dollar 3-story Hospital, to a 7 million dollar Auditorium-Gymnasium, to a 10 million dollar Aircraft Maintenance Facility, to a 12 million dollar 4-story office building, to a 52 million dollar 300,000 SF High School Building. We also designed 2 to 3 million dollar Large Residential Buildings ranging in size from 6,000 to 11,000 square foot. We are equally comfortable designing and detailing with structural steel, light gage metal, tilt-up or cast-in-place concrete, or wood. We use current up to date computer programs to aid us in engineering and drafting.

We have a professional dedicated staff structural engineers in Oklahoma that are highly qualified with advanced degrees in engineering both at SAI and SVINT, that works hard to meet the clients and project requirements and deadlines, while complying with the building codes. A listing of our key personnel including structural engineers and major projects similar in nature is furnished on the attached sheets along with a list of references. We pride in ourselves being easy to work with. We offer structural engineering services in Oklahoma and other states comparable to the best in the industry and stand by our clients from conception through successful completion of all the projects. Please feel free to contact any of our clients shown on our attached list of projects or on the list of references.

Our specialty includes designing and detailing with many different structural materials such as structural steel, light gage metal, tilt-up, cast-in-place concrete, wood, etc. We use sophisticated computer programs to aid our engineering and drafting, that we keep up to date with the current technology. We stay current with the latest developments in the field of structural engineering through our membership and participation in professional organizations such as American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC), Structural Engineering Council of Oklahoma (SECO), Oklahoma Structural Engineers Association (OSEA), and American Concrete Institute (ACI).

We strive to constantly update our knowledge through continuing education to better serve our clients. We are currently licensed to practice in Oklahoma, as well as 36 other states that include all of the surrounding states of Oklahoma. We have worked extensively in Oklahoma, with many other projects in many other states. See above for a complete listing of the states in which we are licensed.